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Ecoscape was established in Burnaby, British Columbia in 1992 by Ken Cox, CLP, CHT on the simple principle of providing each customer with high-quality personalized service.

When initially founded, Ecoscape serviced the Lower Mainland, providing year round maintenance services to it’s clients. Over the years, Ecoscape’s client base changed and the company evolved into a full-service, fully equipped, landscape construction company which included hydroseeding installation.

Today, although Ecoscape still provides landscape design and construction, their primary focus is in sprinkler system installations, repair and maintenance, and hydroseeding applications. We provide hydroseeding service in the Lower Mainland and Squamish.

Ken Cox still follows his initial principle of providing each customer with personalized service.

Hydroseeding Services

Award-winning technology to increase growth and plant quality.
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Irrigation Services

Ensuring your lawn and plants remain happy and fed.

Pest Management

Common-sense pest management, custom-measured for your green space.