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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Keeping your green space clean

PM (Integrated Pest Management) is essentially common-sense pest control. Although IPM is not a new concept while some forms of it have been practiced for centuries, many are baffled by the concept. Integrated Pest Management is the combined use of various methods and systems to manage your pest problems. Some of these methods may include, temperature control, humidity control, the use of resistant varieties, barriers, monitoring devices, the use of “beneficial insects and the use of insecticides. Although the use of insecticides should be the last resort.

IPM should involve the carefully managed use of three different pest control tactics – biological, cultural, and chemical – to get the best long-term results with the least disruption of the environment. Biological control means using natural enemies of the pest, such as lady bugs to control aphids. Cultural or horticultural control involves the use of gardening methods, as an example mowing high to shade out weeds. Chemical control involves the judicious use of pesticides.

IPM is a highly effective approach that minimizes the use of pesticides and maximizes the use of natural processes. At Ecoscape, we have a sophisticated understanding of the ecosystem of your turf and the available pest control tactics. Home gardeners can also practice IPM by following the following steps:

  • Fertilize only when needed
  • Aerate
  • Water properly
  • Set threshold
  • Mow high
  • Monitor
  • Dethatch
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